how much rainwater can I collect?

As Americans our relationship with water is sharply one sided. Water is responsible for everything around us, from the majestic forests that cover our region to the ebb and flow of our rivers and waterways. We have water to thank for the tulips that fill our lives with color, to the tap water that fill our glass on a hot summer afternoon. Yet we selfishly extract water from the earth purify it for drinking then flush it down the toilet, only for it to end up back in our rivers. Americans flush 1.5 billion gallons of water down the toilet every single day. Studies show that 70% of household water consumption is in non-potable applications, such as lawn irrigation, washing of cars, flushing toilets and laundry.

Our overindulgence in water not only adds demand on our public water system, it adds unnecessary stress on our river systems and waterways. While Oregonians are justifiably proud of our progress towards sustainability, unfortunately water has been overlooked. Rain Water Harvesting is a safe and cost effective method of reducing the environmental impact of our thrust for water.

The team from Oregon Rain Harvesting have designed and installed thousands of rain harvesting systems, from the simple rain barrel for watering a vegetable garden to complex five hundred thousand gallon fire suppression systems for rural communities. Whether you're interested in a system for self sufficient water supply or looking for a rain barrel to irrigate your flower beds, Oregon Rain Harvesting is your single source for education and materials for all things rain harvesting.