how much rainwater can I collect?


First Flush Downpipe DiverterFiltration begins with a high quality gutter screen. This will not only prevent leaves and needles from entering your water system, it will eliminate the necessity of climbing a ladder a few times a year to clean your gutters.

Secondly, water passes thru a leaf diverter, this confirms that no debris have passed the gutter screens. Next the water passes thru a first flush diverter. This eliminates the first few gallons of water (roof contaminents are concentrated in the first bit of rain fall).

Finally, as the water enters the containment systems, it enters via a calming inlet. A calming inlet is designed to circulate the water and add oxygen to the bottom of the tank, without disrupting any sediment located at the bottom of the tank. Only with a multi-stage process will you ensure the collected water is of the highest quality.